Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Scrap Projects

How much goes on in 2-1/2-years between posts!  Time truly slips away when you don't keep a visual record of the happenings. 

In September of 2011 our quilt group began making placemats to be sent out with our local Meals on Wheels program.  With 450 meals bring delivered on a daily basis, we'll never run out of recipients for nice home-quilted placemats.  The first year we delivered over 200 mats. I have a huge pile that are pieced and ready for the finishing stitching. and a larger pile of wonderful fabrics and orphan blocks waiting for creative joining. 

These are a small sample of the mats I have made.  It has been enjoyable to combine prints with design and have something completed and useful in a short time.

Most recently I have been working with the Mock Log Cabin design.  Our quilt group celebrates National Quilt Day with a day-long community service sew-in.  I selected this design to work with as it can be made with scraps.  We cut squares and triangle units in advance, and sewed and squared the triangles so we could stitch blocks at our Celebration.  The divided 9-patch square can be set in all the log-cabin variations.  This quilt top is one I made  using reds for the center squares of each block.  With a few hundred squares not yet sewn we will be making lots of these quilts!
I have many sewn triangle units and have been looking at a variety of quilt designs that use triangles like ocean waves and baskets.  Will these triangles be cookies or milk?  And what about leftover square?  Scraps are endless! 

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Craftyheart2 said...

I found your blog through a link on someone else's. I love your scrappy quilts. Your blog is great for inspiration.