Monday, September 29, 2008

A Finish, At Last

I completed this mock barjello this weekend. Choosing how to quilt this design was a challenge for me, as I don't follow markings at all well, but stitching just the columns of piecing just was not enough. I decided to so some diagonal stitching to emphasize the design, which got the quilting close enough together to wear well and it didn't have to be marked. It is about 32 x 44" in size.

This little quilt was made of a strip of a pre-print and some blue print, both donated to our quilt group. I had 8 squares, so made the last one by sewing two end strips together. I had a lot of distortion in my top, so did some fre-motion quilting after outlining the central shapes, and then bound it in the matching print. This quilt finished at slightly under 30-inches, just right for the NICU where it will be donated. With a dot print flannel back it will be soft and cozy.

I was the recipient of a box of carefully hand cut 3-inch squares and some strip sets started by an 90-year plus dear woman who was dedicated to humanitarian service. Her sister gave me the pieces, and I tried to complete a project that was worthy of all her careful cutting, piecing and pressing. I completed this quilt top by piecing a few more strip sets to complete the design. The top is now ready for basting and the future machine quilting.

In our area we once had several clothing factories and their cutaway fabric was sold in outlet stores. I believe these pieces came from JoLene Co., or Mini World. They are mostly light-weight poly blends, so require careful handeling.

As is almost always the case, there were pieces left over, so in Cookies and Milk style, I created two more 30-inch square baby quilt tops. I'm starting to get frightened now, because at the end there was only 1 piece of the red dotted print left! This is the 3rd time in 3 months this has happened. But I didn't let it go to my head. I started a 4th quilt with the leftovers, ran short of 2 pieces, so far, but used a close substitute, and need to go to my stash now for another two reds to complete this top. I found some red dot factory scrap from JoLene Co. in the quilt room today, so need just a few squares of red to finish up. I'n sure I will find something without leaving too many leftovers that will require a 5th quilt!

From a distance the quilt looks like a checkerboard, but close up you can see diagonal rows of prints in the piecing. I will use the red dot from the quilt room for binding as it is in 45" strips and the same weight as fabric used in the quilt, even if it is not an exact match. Now, even though I have completed two projects, I have worked myself into four more--and that does not count the rail fence variations which I will post about another day. I'm told"It will all come out in the quilting."

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nice quilting. i always wish to try that. i will be following this blog if you don't mind. :)