Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Try Again

A friend suggested that my description of how I prepared my freezer bags for the sorting and short-term storage of squares as I cut my scrap fabric was not very clear. I'll try to give better illustrations this time.

When I stitch two bags together, the top edge of the front bag is placed directly below the zipper seal of the back bag, and then I stitch the two together. This staggers the bags slightly, and leaves the zipper area of both bags clear so they can be sealed shut if necessary.

Here several bags are joined together, each in the same manner. I only do a few together, 4-5 at the most, doing several sets to accommodate the number of sizes of squares and values I sort When the bags are staggered this way the lanels on the top of the bag are easily read and it is simple to insert the correct size and value into the bag. Several sets of bags can be placed in my shoe box and because of the way they are sewn I can place them under each other in a row so all the labels can be seen when the box is opened.

I've had to spend a couple of weeks as caretaker preparing for and following surgery of a family member. I've been in withdrawal not being able to cut and sew for such a long time. I started work on another rail fence top, #4. amd it is truly a "Grandma" quilt, using mostly calico style prints. Here's a start. Gotta cut more setting fabric before I can go farther. Again I am using 2 x 5-inch rectangles which gives a 4-1/2-inch finished block.

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