Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creative Surge, Cont.

Here is the second chicken bag, front and back. Inside are several pockets made with the navy lining fabric. I've decided that contrast fabric pockets would be better as it is easier to find them when looking inside the bag. Bag #1 is now in Texas with it's new owner, and this one is hanging near my recliner for whatever purpose meets my fancy.

Fleece hats for my grandsons with flashing pumpkins fastened to the brims, a fleece jacket for my granddaughter with a scarecrow applique and slashed edges all around, and Halloween pillowcases made their way to New Hampshire to be enjoyed this holiday season. The jacket was a little snug in the sleeves, but the mom has been advised to cut out the sleeves, do a stay-stitch like was done around the jacket edges, and slashing to finish the edge and she will have a vest to enjoy another year. The granddaughter wore the jacket to have her school pictures taken in, so we'll enjoy this vest for a long time.
I have to admit that these projects all came out of "scraps" starting with the scarecrow applique that was from a pre-print leftover, and the fleece was given to me by a friend. The printed squares of the border of the pillowcases was given to me, as well as the yellow for the small accent strip. I always find that when working with scrap, you usually "get to shop" to get something to go with them. The black print and the orange and purple stripe were my purchases.

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