Thursday, October 30, 2008

Autumn Trees

Our quilt group is woking on mastering trapezoids this month for our technique challenge. Sometimes no matter how hard you prepare, things just go wrong. I made a nice instruction page and used my quilt software for the tree block so we could measure seam allowance requirements to understand better how to use them. I used my home computer for the master, but somehow my print settings were off, and the design was innaccurate. I found myself looking into 20 confused faces which was very disturbing.

I chose to use our community service day to try to undo the confusion and so cut 126 tree blocks (15 pieces in each block) so that we could stitch them up together to master these trapezoids. Well, wouldn't you know it, I shorted each block by 2 background pieces, so had to rob from some kits to give enough pieces for others. It took another whole day just to get the correct number of pieces back into the kits. Since I had used quilt-room donated fabrics there just was not more background fabric to be cut for some of them.
We got a good start at our monthly community service day, and quite a few blocks went home with members to be completed. With a corrected copy of the pattern and with better cutting and stitching instruction, hopefully this project will lead to at least 5 more lap-sized quilts for donation.
Oh, just a C&M note, the ends of the strips where the 45-degree cuts were made for the tree trapezoids? They are being sewn up to make triangle units that will finish at 1-12-inches. Now just how can I use all of these autumn-color triangle units?

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Cathie in UT said...

OH my gosh! It's that Murphy Law in action! LOL
Looking forward to seeing all the trees when I get back.
OK ladies if you are reading this I am excited to see what you have completed!